We founded Original CINematic, LLC, a WGA Signatory Company, in 2022. Original CINematic, LLC is committed to making high-quality films in a wide variety of genres while fulfilling its commitment to showcasing as many talented artists as possible.

One for the Road

Currently, we are completing post-production on the short feature Stephen King adaptation, “One for the Road”, based on his short story of the same name from the 1978 short story collection, “Night Shift”. We have also begun shooting on the original feature-length film, “Group”, written and directed by William R.A. Rush, which is scheduled for releases in September of 2023.


Shooting on our original feature-length film, “Immersion”, written by William R.A. Rush is anticipated to begin during the first week of June, 2023. It is slated for a release date in late fall of this year. William is also anticipated to direct the film.


The original feature film “Sweetener” is tentatively scheduled to begin shooting in October of 2023. The screenplay was written by William R.A. Rush, and it is anticipated that he will direct.


We are a husband and wife duo that formed Original CINematic in order to pursue our passion for filmmaking and screenwriting. You can find us on Instagram under the handles @originalcinematic, @eyerushman and @x_rush0628

We love reviewing scripts, ideas, reels, films, and the like. Please feel free to submit anything you would like us to produce or to provide feedback on, and we will get back to you as soon as we are able.

-Xxena and Bill Rush

William R.A. Rush

WGA member.

William is a WGA member who has written the Stephen King adaptation, “One For The Road”, as well as the registered feature screenplays “Group”, “Immersion”, and “Sweetener”. He is currently working on several scripts, and developing a New York City-based play into a feature film in 2024.

William also works as a producer on several projects. He is the Executive Producer of the short film, “Before”, currently in production. Additionally, he is an Executive Producer for the upcoming television series “Day Bi Day”, currently in post-production.

He served as an Associate Producer on the short film “Coffee with Baba”, and is serving as Associate Producer on the film “The Winemaker”, currently in pre-production.

His IMDB page can be viewed at William R A Rush – IMDb

Xxena N. Rush

Producer, casting associate and production manager.

Xxena N. Rush is a producer, casting associate and production manager. In addition to serving as producer on “One for the Road”, “Group”, “Immersion” and “Sweetener”, she has been instrumental in helping develop these films and has assisted in the production and development of several others.

Xxena oversees all aspects of production during filming, and oversees nearly all aspect of the pre-production process.

Her IMDB page can be viewed at Xxena N. Rush – IMDb